October 2011 Archives

Zurich, Switzerland

After dancing in Zurich, I was taken to a 650 year old pub called the Öpfelchammere (Apple Chamber) where patrons are challenged to crawl between the ceiling beams and drink a glass of wine while hanging upside-down. The walls are covered … Continue reading

Rome, Italy

When in Rome, make all the Romans do exactly what you're doing.

Santorini, Greece

My curse is I get to go to the most beautiful places in the world, and then I have to turn my back to them.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Was confronted with this by the hotel manager while eating breakfast. I think we pretty much had all of Bratislava in the Old Town Square yesterday.

Vienna, Austria

Made use of my day off in Vienna. Johann Strauss performed the Blue Danube in this dance hall. Many things about this image remind of Stanley Kubrick.

Dresden, Germany

My morning jog through the rebuilt old city of Dresden deteriorated into a morning agog.