November 2010 Archives

San Jose, Costa Rica

One of the many times my job has left me without words. I know, I totally need to make some of my own to bring along on these trips. I have now been shamed into an endeavor that is, inherently, … Continue reading

Philipsburg, St. Maarten

St. Maarten was a bust. Tried to get this shot by the airport, but realized there are five variables that would have needed to align perfectly: – Arrival times (roughly one big bird every hour or two) – Weather (cloudy/rainy … Continue reading

Caracas, Venezuela

Instructions on what to do if you should happen upon a miniature ground sloth. I'll spare you the suspense: pick it up and put it back in the tree. Also, gas costs $0.12 per gallon here. Lowest in the world. … Continue reading