Sign up to Dance with Matt

Here’s how this works: you give me your name, email address, the country you live in, and the nearest big city to you, and if I’m passing through your area, I’ll send you an invite a few days in advance with all the details of how to come join me.

I can’t go everywhere, so there’s no guarantee you’ll hear from me. And if you do it may be years and years from now.

I don’t provide a public schedule for when and where I’ll be. Getting on this list is the only way to be notified.

If you enter your info below, I promise I will not give out/sell your info and I won’t use it to send you a bunch of spam. That is my solemn oath. You’ll get an invite, a second reminder a day or two before the event, and another email on the day the video is released. If I don’t come near to your area, you’ll just get that last email.

There’s a “Comments” box on the sign-up form. You can write whatever you want in there, but I’m particularly interested in special suggestions of dancing clips you can help to facilitate. Things like schools, dance troupes, unique or isolated communities — whatever you’ve got, I’d like to hear, but please keep it short and concise. If we like the idea and have time to shoot it, you’ll hear back, but please be understanding if you don’t, cause it’s a big planet and there’s only so much I can do.

I’m also looking for people who are willing to do some leg-work to help me set up each clip. Please check ‘Yes’ on the form if you’re willing and able to visit a potential dancing location in advance and shoot a digital photo that I can send around to other participants so they know where to meet.

Thanks for your interest and I look forward to dancing badly with you.