September 2011 Archives

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Was startled by this Visa ad looping on the wall during my layover in Abu Dhabi. I shot it several years ago and had never actually seen it before.  

Moscow, Russia

Took a zippy, shiny train from Helsinki to St. Petersburg. Then rode a lumbering, Soviet-era hulk overnight to Moscow. Guess which one was more fun. Someone handed me this today. It's going in my office.

St. Petersburg, Russia

Today I joined Napoleon and Hitler in wildly underestimating just how many Russians there are in Russia.  

Helsinki, Finland

This is the cruise ship that ferries thousands on the 50 mile journey from Estonia to Finland. The passengers were almost all male, most sprawled across the hallway floors, making the journey to buy beer at a lower tax rate. … Continue reading

Edinburgh, Scotland

A toast I learned from a guy in a kilt over a plate of Wee Haggis with a shot of Deanston Scotch in my hand at a pub called Dirty Dick's: "Here's tae usAnd wah's like usThere's gie fewAnd they're … Continue reading