Posts from USA

Orlando, Florida

This is my friend, Elan. I drag him along sometimes to run the camera. It's not a bad gig, but the pay is terrible.

Canyonville, Oregon

This is the last night of an 18 day trip through the western US with Melissa, Max, and the dog. Tomorrow I dance in Portland, then drive home to sleep for a few days. After that it's off to Minneapolis … Continue reading

San Diego, California

We've actually managed to pay for this leg of the trip by dragging this little store-in-a-box to each dancing event. I had to hijack and empty out Melissa's suitcase to do it, which she's been surprisingly forgiving about. Danced on … Continue reading

Seattle, Washington

Just finished a quick loop of the planet. I was heading west. Can't figure out if I gained a day or lost a day. I need a globe, a calendar, maybe a slide rule…and some sleep.