December 2011 Archives

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

For the second time in a year, I am dropped in this shark tank for your amusement. Went wandering through the Dubai Mall and happened upon this Sega arcade/theme park that has me dancing on an endless loop outside the entrance. … Continue reading

Manila, Philippines

A lovely account of the Manila dancing event from Hannah, who wound up pretty much organizing the whole thing for me. She is a hell of a photographer.

Hong Kong, China

Last night, while boarding a plane in Hong Kong, we got mysteriously upgraded to business class and rerouted to a different boarding tunnel. At the door of the plane, the woman asked if we wanted to see the eclipse. She … Continue reading

Bangkok, Thailand

Just finished a 17 hour flight (!!!) from Seattle. Blessed business class allowed me 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep — maybe my longest since becoming a parent – and I was still able to catch up on all the horrible movies … Continue reading