July 2010 Archives

Gaza City, Gaza

Of the 1.6 million people in the Gaza Strip at this moment, I'm pretty sure I'm the only tourist. Fell asleep listening to kids playing in the ocean and ladies smoking sheesha pipes in the downstairs restaurant as Israeli patrol … Continue reading

Tel Aviv, Israel

When the Israeli immigration officer opened my passport and saw stamps from Lebanon, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq, she looked at me like I'd pooped in it.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Walked the 3.5 mile length of the Palm man-made island in Dubai. Least possible place I have ever been. Nothing can be that big. The whole thing is obscene. The 20 or so residential towers that line the trunk of the … Continue reading

Kabul, Afghanistan

Afghanistan went right according to Afghaniplan.   And yes, by the way, that is an adolescent Afghan albino acrobat standing over my head; a circumstance that is, to say the least, unlikely.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

New low point in my life: succumbing to food poisoning on the runway in Karachi and hwarfing all over my clothes…and my iPad…5 times. Got loads of fun looks from the other passengers. They moved me to the back of … Continue reading

Karachi, Pakistan

Had a rocking good time in Pakistan. The Karachi Tribune told the whole saga in surprisingly blunt, sordid detail. Yay, freedom of the press!

Baalbeck, Lebanon

Weirdest thing I did today: Visit the Hezbollah "museum" outside Beirut. Of course, Hezbollah's idea of a museum is a pile of guns, some posters of dead children, and a bunch of "Death to Israel" signs. I need a shower. … Continue reading