Beirut, Lebanon Everything in its Right Place

It’s almost done. This thing I’ve been working on. This project of mine.

I watched it last night and something finally clicked. Before it got to the end, I’d decided I had to let it play again from the beginning. And before it finished that next time, I’d resolved to loop it ad nauseum.

I watched it for maybe an hour and never got bored. I saw no little tweeks that needed to be made. Nothing bothered me. It’s an efficient little nugget of happiness-making.

That same thing happened with the first video, a year ago and change. After days of fiddling, I stumbled upon the right sequence and the right timing. Everything fit into place and it made me happy every time through. Still does.

The surprise there was that it made other people happy – people who weren’t me and didn’t have the same memories to trigger.

I don’t know that this one will get the same response once I’m finally able to share it, but isn’t there that thing about how you’re supposed to do it for yourself and the important thing is your own satisfaction? Not sure the folks funding this trip would agree, but I do know I’m satisfied.

There’s still the lingering issue of whether the version I’m watching will be the one I can release. Very likely it won’t. But hopefully the changes won’t have to be compromises. Hopefully an opportunity will make itself clear and the end result will be exactly how it needed to turn out. I’ve been relying on that sort of thing for a while. It’s worked so far.

Is the new video better? I don’t know. The first one was kind of a happy accident and it showed through. This time out, not only am I rehashing the same old concept, I have a clear goal and ambitions. I’m figuring there’s an outside chance it may end all wars and usher in a thousand-year age of harmonious prosperity.

Short of that, I’ll be okay if it makes some people say: "Hey, maybe things aren’t so bad. We haven’t destroyed the planet yet and there’s still a lot of beauty amongst the awfulness, so maybe I’ll go become a part of it."

At the very least, I can count on: "Hey honey, look at this jackass dancing on my computer!"

Any of the above is fine, really.