Istanbul, Turkey Wanted: Charitable Web Geek

As this trip approaches its end, I suddenly realize it’s time I get my house in order.

It’s not entirely unlikely that this site’ll see a surge in visitors about 6 weeks from now. This site which is, at best, charmingly primitive. More likely just primitive.

I wrote most of it by hand in Notepad. Seriously, that’s the level I’m at. That it works at all is a small miracle.

I’m looking for someone who knows what they’re doing with this stuff and would be willing to lend a bit of their time. Nothing major — I prefer to keep the site very basic — just some polish and minor repairs.

The response to my last post took me by surprise (and was much appreciated). I guess there are a few people still following along despite my fractured narrative and navel-gazing tendencies. I’m hoping maybe someone out there can help.

If this isn’t your bailiwick, read no further.

I broke my map page about a month ago. I’ve tried repeatedly to undo whatever I did, but can’t seem to fix it.

My journal archives are difficult to penetrate. I’d like to list them by Date, Location, and Title, but all I can manage is Date, which isn’t very useful to perusers. I’ve tried to figure out TypePad’s scripting language — can’t make heads or tails of it.

There’s other little design stuff, and probably a lot of things I’m doing a dumb way that could easily be redone in a smart way.

If you’re the person for the job, please get in touch. If not, nevermind.