Canyonville, Oregon

This is the last night of an 18 day trip through the western US with Melissa, Max, and the dog. Tomorrow I dance in Portland, then drive home to sleep for a few days. After that it's off to Minneapolis and points east, leaving the family at home.

Amazon just started selling the digital version of my book for the heavily discounted price of exactly nothing. If you have a Kindle, an iPad (with the Kindle app), or any of those other tablet or smart phone things, you can go grab it now…which is great, since I just re-ordered a thousand print copies from my publisher.

I have no idea how the economics of that works. No one notified me or anything. I don't even know when it happened. But it's no biggee. It seems plenty of people still want a copy they can hold in their hands, so I don't think I'll be stuck with boxes in my garage forever.

I'm actually quite thrilled to have so many people suddenly reading (and apparently enjoying) it. I certainly didn't write the book to turn a profit. After I finished the video, I had so many stories to tell that it was something I very much wanted to get out of my system. I got it done, feel much better with that out of the way, so whatever happens to it now is just fine with me.