Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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For the second time in a year, I am dropped in this shark tank for your amusement.

Went wandering through the Dubai Mall and happened upon this Sega arcade/theme park that has me dancing on an endless loop outside the entrance.


I had never heard a word about this. No one thought to tell me.

It's basically Sega Mattland. Basically. I tried explaining this to the staff, even breaking into the dance directly underneath the screen. I don't know what they're pumping through the AC in that mall, but I got nothing but blank stares and zero free rides on their roller coaster.

The arcade is sponsored by Visa, so no one is doing anything they shouldn't. I got paid.

Also, here is a vending machine that sells gold.

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You swipe your credit card, it spits out a slice of gold as if it was a Snickers bar.