Madrid, Spain “Tres, Dos, Uno, Bailamos!”

Today was Spain. We got a massive crowd to turn out and dance, largely because of Remo, the guy on the left, and his CPI site.


The man mobilized about half of Madrid. Melissa and I strolled into the Plaza Mayor on a Saturday afternoon and could feel a static charge for a few seconds before we were identified. Aroundhalf the people there were standing around scoping for a guy who looks like me. The sign-up process took over an hour. We’re going to have to leave more time for that when there’s a high turn-out.

I’m not going to blog in detail. If I tell myself I need to do that, I know I’ll never get around to posting at all. Still got Iceland, England, Ireland, and Portugal to catch up on.

We’re moving very fast.

The map should be accurate again on Monday.