Venice, Italy Strike Two for Europe

Just had my wallet stolen.

It was on the overnight train from Vienna to Venice.

When we woke up, Matt mentioned that a man had opened the door to our cabin in the night, turned the light on, and asked if we had any free seats. With four of the seats converted to beds and the two of us fast asleep, it was a pretty strange thing to do and we laughed at his inability to grasp the obvious.

Moments later I realized my wallet was gone, and it took us another hour to grasp the obvious.

I was lying nearest the door. My wallet was in my pocket, easily accessible. When Matt woke to the sound, the guy covered his ass by turning the light on  and pretending to look for a seat. If he’d simply walked away, Matt would’ve sensed something was up.

We filed a police report. None of the officers spoke much English, but my Spanish was enough to bridge the gap. The process was made more complicated because we don’t actually know what country we were in at the time of the theft.

I have insurance. All I lost was a nice wallet my mother gave me for Christmas, a bank card and credit card that I’m canceling now, a dive license, and about a hundred Euros.

I’m with a friend, and he’s able to carry me until I’m back on my feet money-wise.

Certainly could’ve been worse.

I’m going to try to keep some perspective and spend the rest of the day enjoying Venice.