New York, NY And Another Fine Morning to You, America

Just got the confirmation. Good Morning America on ABC, tomorrow between 7:30 and 8:30am, same time on both coasts.

The plan, I think/hope, is that I’ll be dancing (badly) live in Times Square beneath their super-humongous TV screen. There will be a regular-sized me in the foreground and a giant-sized me in the background. Someone will be standing nearby with my own camera, recording what will hopefully be the grand finale of the new video.

There will also be a short preview of the new video, which I’m putting together right now.

The idea for this Times Square thing came about two months ago. I’d been stuggling with a way to end the video and it just seemed to fit. I emailed the producer from when they had me on last time, told her the idea, and she appears to have made it happen.

Thanks Margaret!

Sitting in my hotel room now, still penniless and walletless after the Italian job. My bank has no branches in New York and all my cash is foreign, so I have no way of acquiring food. I could order room service if this place had a kitchen.

I’ve really gotta get my act together.