Buenos Aires, Argentina And a Very Good Morning to You, America

…So that happened.

I just got off the phone with Diane Sawyer. She seemed nice.

Every time I’m invited on TV, they put me after some devastatingly handsome superstar. On the Ellen Show it was Matthew McConaughey. This time it was the guy who plays Sawyer on Lost (no relation to Diane). On MSNBC it was Pat Buchanan. How am I supposed to compete with all that beefcake?

I left Melissa asleep in the hotel. This is our last day in South America. Tonight we fly out to New Zealand. It’ll be nice interacting with people whose language at least vaguely resembles my own.

Not sure what to do with the day. The sites of Buenos Aires don’t seem all that spectacular. The tango thing doesn’t quite light my fire, and fortunately it does nothing for the little lady, either.

…there’s a megatherium skeleton at the Museum of Natural Science.


It was one of the largest mammals that ever lived. It took them a little too long to figure out that humans aren’t as harmless as they look. We wiped them out within a few minutes of showing up on this continent.

So maybe that, or maybe we’ll just sit on our asses until it’s time to head to the airport.

Speaking of which, here’s some Russian lady’s ass at the airport.


So classy! Obviously this woman is of high social standing. How else could she afford such stylish and clearly-expensive clothing?

Looks like the 13 hour flight from Buenos Aires to Auckland almost takes us over Antarctica. How bout that?