Seattle, Washington Tinkering Under the Hood

You may have noticed some changes to the site in the last couple weeks. I’ve entered into the very long and drawn-out process of transferring all my old journal entries into this new blogging software. It should be prettier to look at and easier to use with some handy new functionality. But in its current state, things are still kinda messy, so I ask for tolerance and forgiveness until I get everything sorted.

There are some other cool additions to the site that I’m working on, but haven’t made public yet. I’ll be sure to scream and holler about it when I do.

The short of it is: there’s not a lot going on right now that’d draw people to the site, so I’m not really worrying about outward appearances. But as I’ve mentioned several times now, there are things brewing, so I’m finally getting around to the changes I’ve been wanting to make for a long time.

It’s also hard for me, cause I don’t know what the hell I’m doing.

I’d really like for all fitted bedsheets to label whether each edge is a long side or a short side. It doesn’t seem like it’d be very difficult to do, and it’d save me from the inevitable, guaranteed-to-fail first attempt at putting my sheets on. They worked out a nice, idiot-proof way of showing people which way to put batteries in. Why is there no universal standard for sheets?

Once again I declare: Someone get on it!