Seattle, Washington My 6th Grade Science Fair Project


Actually, it’s a time-coded, sequential map of the new video, displayed at an irritatingly low resolution.

This helps me figure out where each clip feels like it fits into the flow. It’s a mixture of color, energy, and geography, among other things.

As you can see, there are about twice as many clips in this video as there were in the last one — all packed into a slightly longer running time. It goes by pretty fast, but people are paying good money to watch this thing and I want them to feel like they got value.

…wait. Nevermind about that.

I’m stuck on the mid-section at the moment, but I think most of the clips are in the right places.

I only have a couple days left to sort this out, as next week looks like it’s going to be one long plane ride interrupted by brief periods of standing in one place.