Seattle, Washington So Here’s a Thing that Happened

Went to Bumbershoot last night. The talented and adorable Sia of Zero 7 put Melissa and I on the band’s guest list to go backstage during their performance. At the end of the set, without any warning…

"Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce Matt from He’s going to come up here for a dance."

I doubt many people knew what she was talking about, but it seems crowds will cheer for absolutely anything, cause when I got up there I felt like a flippin’ rock star.


Someone from the audience sent me the picture. There were tons of camera phones clicking, so maybe there’s a better shot out there somewhere.

Definitely capped off the event for me.

…update! Sure enough:

Gotta cringe at that one last jig before leaving the stage. What was that about?

And unrelated, but if I may editorialize for a moment: would someone please take a cue from the whole Bumbershoot debacle and start a Seattle comedy festival? The demand is obviously there. Bumbershoot is too far-reaching to accomodate it. We want more funny.