Seattle, Washington Apologies and Fun With YouTube

Perusing comments and email, I figure I can save myself a lot of time with the following. All in one breath:

I’m sorry Ireland, Scotland, Spain, Canada, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, Canada, Israel, Poland, Bulgaria, Malaysia, Hungary, Colombia, Venezuela, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Nepal, Macedonia, and Canada.

Comment: "Why you don’t say sorry to Philippines fatass!?!?!"


I’m starting a collection of video responses on YouTube.

There’s one I particularly enjoy called "Cha Cha Slide Video" by a 17 year old from Illinois named Ricky Eggert. I first saw it as an entry in an IFilm dancing video contest I was asked to judge. I thought it was by far the best.

It’s not particularly inspired by or related to my thing. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not worth watching, does it?

It’s got a thousand views at the time of writing. Let’s see what we can do about that.