Email Matt

So you want to send me an email. Great!

I will read it. If you take the time to write, I can promise that in return. But the chances I’ll reply are slim. I tried to keep up for a little while and it got out of hand.

Please keep the email short. Your chances of hearing back from me shoot up if you can speak your mind in the length of a tweet.

You can write in any language, so don’t worry if English is not your strongest. I can just click “Translate” in gmail and it will convert your words for me (WE LIVE IN THE FUTURE).

If you want to know what my favorite place is or how I came up with this idea, I have an FAQ page that hopefully covers all that stuff. If your question isn’t in there, I’d like to hear it.

On occasion, I get asked to do endorsements, speaking engagements, and appearances. It’s crazy, but that’s actually how I make a living. I will happily consider your offer, but please understand I have a family and my time at home is precious to me, so I usually ask for good compensation.

Please tell me where you live, so I can file your email away with others from that region in case I’m ever dancing near you.

That’s it. I look forward to hearing from you.