Seattle, Washington Inbox Fun

Some selections from my mailbag:

My question is what’s the point?

Has nothing to do with gum except raising the price because they’re sending Matt all over the world for no particular reason.

What’s it have to do with Gum?

Are you doing anything on these trips?   How about spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and saving some souls.

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Right! Jesus. Totally slipped my mind.

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-An observation-

The world is great
and we are small
The world is one
and we are many

When a man, travels from one land
to another, and dances on that land
Is it those who watch him from behind screens are the ones that dance?

Or is it those around him
enlightened by this random act
who dance with him?
one could imagine

Can one man who dances, change the world?
Unfortunately, nay
But when that man dances, and ten are inspired to dance with him

then twenty
then forty
then sixty
then eighty

and the next week,
a thousand
and a month
a million

It is only then, that one man
changes many
and the many
will change the one world

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The "nay" gets me every time.

I’m not sure if this is a poem or a movie trailer.

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In Poria, Papua New Guinea (2:11) The guy on the far right looks like the Burger King.

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Holy cow!

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I saw your ‘Dancing’ video and was wondering how you were able to merge your dancing with the background and foreground as if you were there. Is it a type of software? Did you have to do a lot of editing?

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Yes, it is very hard to make it look exactly like I’m really dancing in those places. I use very special software and a whole lot of editing.