Seattle, Washington Dancer Comments

This is a place where people who danced in the video can put their comments. Let us know where you are, what you’re wearing, that sort of thing.

Is someone standing in front of you and hogging all the attention? Did you get cut out of the frame? Or did your city get cut from the video altogether? Was I rude to you? Did I have bad breath? Air your grievances.

Or, heaven forbid, if you should have something nice to say, go ahead and do that too!

I know the clips go by very fast. I’ll be posting separate videos with full-length versions of the dances in each city. Every city will be in there, including the ones that didn’t make the final cut. It’ll take me a while to edit the footage together, though, so here is the schedule for release:

Europe and Israel – June 27th
US and Canada – July 4th
Australia, Asia, South America, and Mexico – July 11th

Of course, I can’t stop people who didn’t dance in the video from commenting here as well. But the idea is to make this a forum for the select group of people all around the world who have a somewhat peculiar common experience.