Seattle, Washington Dancing With Naked Women

Relax. It’s not what it sounds like.

The Barenaked Ladies invited me to "perform" in their new video along with a selection of other web-based anomalies of similar notoriety. The video went up a few weeks ago and I forgot to post about it, so here ya go.

Also, I’ve gotten a number of Xbox Live buddies from posting my screen name and it’s improved my experience quite a bit. I’m gonna go ahead and add my Wii number as well:

3714 0978 1303 2555

Go on and enter me in, then send me your number so I can do the same. It’s an inexplicably tedious and complicated process, but it means I can exchange Miis with random strangers, so it’s worth the trouble.

…and if you don’t know what I’m talking about……nevermind.

We’re still on track to put the Outtakes Video up on March 8th with a bit of news to announce as well. Stay tuned.