Seattle, Washington Prepare to Have Your Expectations Managed

One year ago today, in Kaikoura, New Zealand, this happened:


But that’s not what I’m writing to talk about.

I’m writing because of a slight delay to the release of the outtakes video I mentioned a couple posts back. It’s done. I’m very happy with how it turned out and I’m really eager to show it, but we’ve decided to sit on it for a little while for reasons I can’t get into.

I hate to be coy. And really, I do. Coy does not come naturally for me. Still, I must attempt to approximate.

So check back in early March…oh, say, the 8th or so. I should have something for you around then.

In the meantime, here’s a dumb thing that happened a couple weeks back. No one seems to find it funny but me, so mock if you must. You are not alone.

I’m actually reluctant to post stuff like this…well, I’m actually reluctant to post much of anything…for fear of the slings and arrows awaiting the instant the dancing guy steps out and does something new. Now, for heaven’s sake, that video above is not an attempt to recapture former "viral video" glory. It’s not an attempt at anything. But dollars to doughnuts, someone is going to say "Nice try, buddy. Your 15 minutes are up."

There is that contingent.

And when I post the outtakes in a few weeks, there’ll be those that say it’s not as good as the previous video.

…well, of course it’s not as good. That’s why it’s called the out-takes. It’s the stuff I took out. I decided it’s interesting in its own right and for the folks who are curious to see a bit more, there it is.

And there’ll be those who are done with the concept altogether. "What? He’s still clinging to that schtick? I have moved on. I am far more interested in Justin Timberlake putting his genitals in a box."

My thing is a very simple idea taken to an extreme. It’s a nursery rhyme melody with lots of variations. Some, I hope, will enjoy the new variations, but others are going to respond by unleashing the black sludge inside them.

I’m prepared for that. And, I suppose, I want to announce that it’s anticipated in the hopes that it’ll dissuade some from bothering.

I’m trying to let go of this feeling of expectation. It’s unpleasant.

The thing is, I still like watching the dancing videos. And I enjoy making them even more. I feel like there’s more that’s worth doing with the idea and I’m looking forward to getting started. Yeah, I have other stuff I’d like to do, but this thing has become a big part of my life and I want to finish it properly.

I don’t think it’s finished yet.

Okay, I’ve pretty much thrown "coy" out the window. I’m closer to "emo" at this point. Things aren’t really that gloomy. They’re fairly delightful, actually. This is just where I purge and those thoughts have been swirling in my head.

I’ve been playing a lot of 360 lately. This Xbox Live thing is fascinating — where you’ve got a microphone and a videocamera so you can hear and see random strangers from all over the place while you play games with them. The only problem is it’s only as good as the people you meet, and on Xbox Live the lowest common denominator is lower than I could have imagined.

If more than half the words in your vocabulary aren’t racial slurs or euphamisms for homosexuality, drop me a line. I’m "BadDancer."

I’m also quite fond of my Wii, but the online component is so weak I won’t even bother transcribing my 16-digit identification number — as fun as it is to transcribe 16-digit identification numbers.