Seattle, Washington A Democratic Assessment of My Greatness

So Vh1 has decided I’m one of the "40 Greatest Internet Superstars."


How bout that?

They’re doing one of those talking head shows where comedians and other entertainers deliver bite-sized witticisms about subjects relevant to the aging youth of today. I’m as inexplicably riveted by those shows as pretty much everyone else I know, and — I say without sarcasm — I’m truly honored to be listed.

The Vh1 people came out a few weeks ago and turned my living room into a green screen studio so they could replace my badly-in-need-of-spackle walls with some snazzy internet-related background that upmarket adults aged 18 to 49 will find mesmerizing.


They made me up all pretty and I talked for a couple hours about most of the other videos on the list. It was a welcome alternative to talking about myself — which I’ve pretty much had enough of at this point.

Given the format of the show, my interview will probably be whittled down to about 3 seconds of bad Numa Numa impression.

So it goes.

But anyway, what I’m here to tell you is this: They’re letting people vote to determine the order of the list. You don’t have to register or give out your email address or any of that crap. You just look at the list and pick the one you like.

The reliability of the results is cast somewhat in doubt, as people are allowed to vote as many times as they want. I believe this is also how the next presidential election is going to work.

I’m not saying you’ve gotta vote for me or anything. There are a lot of heavyweights on the list, many of them far "greater" and more "super" than myself. But if you fancy it, I’m second to last on the ballot, all the way down at the bottom.

Once again, here’s that link.