Seattle, Washington How Do You Get Coffee Stuck in Your Teeth?

This is nuts!

I’m sitting in a Barnes & Noble coffee shop reading all the comments and enjoying the bejeezus out of them. The counter just past 100, so I’m adding a new post to say thanks and clear the screen. The old ones are all still in the archives…There’s a guy at the table next to me performing an autopsy on his iced cappucino with a straw…distracting.

I guess a lot of people watch the Ellen Show in Nova Scotia. Toronto, too…Oh please, no. Now he’s scooping the inside of the cup out with his finger! Someone has to do something about this.

My cell phone spontaneously died over the weekend and I just realized all the emails that are trickling in have time stamps from 5 hours ago — right at the start of the first east coast broadcast. Just a theory, but I think there’s some kind of drain clog from all the traffic that’s stopping email from getting through. Hopefully I’ll get it later today, but as of right now there is absolutely no way for anyone to reach me.

I’ll try to post tomorrow with my site stats for today. There should be an amusingly vertical spike on the bar graph.

Now he’s slurping…can’t concentrate…must…fight it…must…keep it…together…

I watched the show at my girlfriend’s office this morning. Her co-workers were gathered around a TV in the break room. They had bagels…He’s sucking his teeth! It’s the single most annoying sound in the universe! Good God, man, how can you get it stuck in your teeth! It’s coffee, not corn!

I must retreat to my home. This is too much for me to bear.