Seattle, Washington Ellen’s Aftermath

Well that happened.

Things are settling back down now. I’m starting to dig into the emails. It may take a couple weeks, but I’ll try to write back to everyone — except for the crazies.


The site traffic hit an all-time high for the day. There were around 9000 visits. By rough estimates, about 1 in 500 people who watched Ellen typed in the address, and about 1 in 100 of those people sent me an email. It was still enough to jam my inbox for 8 hours and briefly crash the site during the afternoon.

It’s become increasingly difficult for me to find stuff in my old posts, and I figure if it’s hard for me, it must be a real pain in the ass for folks who didn’t actually write them. So I’ve started going in and adding a title to each one. I hope that makes it a little more convenient to dig around in there and gives people some idea of what they’re going to be looking at.

Here’s a random plug for my girlfriend’s blog. I’m hoping a boost in her audience will compel her to keep updating it.

And here’s a guy who made his own dancing video during a trip to Asia. It’s pretty neat. I’ve gotta put a couple of those places on my list.